We help find the heart of Santa Barbara companies and bring it to life with advanced SEO strategies that maximize results.

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Santa Barbara SEO and Website Design


We'll customize a complete package of Santa Barbara SEO strategies and professional website design for your business. We recognize that a strategic online presence is a necessity. We will seamlessly integrate search engine optimization (SEO), modern website design, and brand identity to produce results and increase your bottom line.

We specialize in working with small to mid-sized businesses in Santa Barbara, California.

M.B. Strategic offers the most advanced content management platforms and open-source e-commerce solutions on the market. We can customize each platform to work specifically for your business and allow you to capitalize on your investment and continue to grow. We will optimize your website pages and customize a search engine campaign to increase conversion rates as well as website traffic.

Learn more about our custom tailored Santa Barbara SEO services and packages, review our recent portfolio, or contact us today to start growing your company in the online marketplace.



To increase website traffic and conversion rates.

Check Local Santa Barbara SEO campaigns
Check National SEO campaigns
Check Email marketing & blogs
Check Copywriting & content creation



To create a memorable user experience and highlight your company.

Check Codeless website editing system
Check Unique graphic design
Check Premium e-commerce platforms
Check Custom blog integration



To solidify an image and build trust with your customers.

Check Custom logo design
Check Print marketing essentials
Check Survey research & analysis
Check Niche market research

Maximize your website's profitability.

You can edit your own site without needing to know programming code, collect and track information on site traffic, and increase customers on your site with advanced and targeted Santa Barbara SEO.

Who We Are


We are a passion driven online marketing, seo and design team specializing in targeted Santa Barbara SEO campaigns. Our company combines expertise in many areas from website design to business psychology and marketing.

We lead each project with a results-based strategy that provides our clients with tangible measures that affect their bottom line. Contact us today to speak with one of our search engine optimization experts... more »

Santa Barbara History


Santa Barbara, California used to be a quiet agricultural community with horse and cattle ranches spanning the land. Since then, the Gold Rush took place and the city exploded into a busy and populated community of people.

It is also considered a prime vacation spot for the rich and famous as well as many artists and creative spirits. The temperate climate is something that is a Southern California jewel, which allows the outdoors to be enjoyed all year round.

Key Highlights


Whether you live in the wonderful city or are just visiting for a short time, there are a few hot spots that you can't pass up. Santa Barbara is a place of rest and relaxation for many with plenty of beaches to lay your towel. Additionally, it features a multitude of outdoor activities for the active souls with everything from kayaking and wale-watching to horseback riding and windsurfing.

After a day at the beach, you can always take a stroll down to the historic Stearn's Wharf with live displays and touch tanks for the kids.