"At M.B. Strategic we pull inspiration from everything around us. Open minds have room to grow and we believe in offering our clients ideas and solutions that are fresh and innovative. From website structure, SEO and content development to branding and color palettes, we do each part with a unified strategic vision."

-Melissa Monday, Co-Founder



Who We Are

We are an agile and dynamic search engine optimization (SEO), website design and marketing firm. Our team has an eclectic range of expertise including website development, ecommerce conversion optimization and graphic design, organizational psychology, business strategy and entrepreneurism.

Our passion is applying creativity to research-based techniques in web development and online marketing (SEO) to give your organization a strategic online presence and increase your bottom line.

We are located in the sunshine and waves of San Diego, California.

Meet The Founders

Very often you find that the interaction between two seemingly incongruent formulas can create some of the most
creative, dynamic and impacting results. The teaming up of our founding partners, Melissa Monday, Ph.D. and Ted Bradley, B.E. has culminated in a San Diego based company full of passion and strategic perspectives.

Melissa Monday, Ph.D.

Before co-founding M.B. Strategic, Melissa worked for several startup companies and recently migrated from the non-profit sector where she was Director of Development for a women’s health organization… more »

Ted Bradley, B.E.

Shortly before co-founding M.B. Strategic, Ted was the Director of Product for a software startup company where he led the development of three successful mobile phone apps. Within a month of launching, the apps had more than 40,000 users… more »