Google Boost: Your New Local “Adwords”

By Melissa M.

It is no surprise that Google Boost emerged, given Google’s recent focus on local searches. If you haven’t heard yet, Google Boost is now your local version of Adwords. Studies show that nearly all consumers will research online before buying locally. Essentially, local business owners now have the opportunity to run paid advertising campaigns through a much simpler system than Boost’s predecessor Google Adwords. Boost was designed for the hurried business owner who really doesn’t have time to manage a large advertising campaign online through the regular Adwords.

So, how does it work? You pay per click and are able set your own budget (i.e. $100 per month). Google will then select keywords for you (unlike Adwords) based upon your Places account set up and categories. That means you’ll need to go right now and set up your Places page if you haven’t already. It’s a must. Your ad will show up in the Sponsored Links section with a different colored pin, also displaying review ratings, phone number, address and a link to your place page. This is what the local business owner all across the nation has been waiting for. It’s time to go set up your Boost account! Here’s a great video to learn more.

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