We’ve Passed The 100 Milestone

We’re finally here! After two years DineLogiK is proud to now be serving over 100 active clients. Our restaurants are nationwide including San Diego, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Chicago, Florida & New York.

It’s been a busy spring and we’ve launched over 30 new accounts, developed several new technologies, and received excellent review at multiple capital competitions and technology conferences.

DineLogiK was also selected as a CONNECT Capital Competition Winner by a distinguished panel of judges. We are now a CONNECT Portfolio Company, representing DineLogiK as a prime recipient of investment. For the full story please read our newsletter.

Block 16 Hospitality Group Success Story

Block 16 Hospitality group owns some of the hottest restaurants in Las Vegas, Nevada including Holstein’s, Pink’s Hot Dogs and the Barrymore.

Block 16 Hospitality knew they wanted and needed a fresh, updated online presence for their venues. The only problem was that they lost contact with the person who had developed their websites previously. The result was an online image that looked outdated and was not allowing them to market to their customers the way they needed to.

The solution: the DineLogiK platform. Our team created nine beautiful restaurant websites on the platform which of course also comes with all of the backend editing capabilities and marketing tools. Block 16 Hospitality was now fully equipped with all of the tools they needed to market their brand and spread the word about new menu items, events and all of the major happenings at their venues in Las Vegas.

Side Bar Ultra Lounge Success Story

Sidebar is a nightclub destination and lounge based in San Diego, California and has been recognized across the nation as one of the top nightclubs. 

Sidebar came to us with a dilemma that many restaurants and nightclubs face…they can’t update their website and it looks outdated. The problem is that without paying thousands of dollars to redesign their entire website they would never be able to get more flexibility and control.

The DineLogiK team solved this problem by rebuilding their website on the DineLogiK platform, which gave them a brand new, updated design plus integrated email marketing and social media tools to help them promote their amazing events. Sidebar can now manage their entire website and online presence with their in-house team using the DineLogiK system.

Element Collective Success Story

Element Collective is a restaurant and hospitality group based in Chicago. They own mulitiple venues in the Chicago area that are dining destinations for everyone including a number of celebrities.

Before finding DineLogiK, Element Collective had a main website for their group and a handful of outdated websites for their venues. They were looking for a digital partner that could provide them the control to continuously update their restaurant websites along with the high quality design to meet their standards.

In working with their branding agency we were able to create three highly customized website, each with their own distinct look and feel. Nellcote Restaurant, Old Town Social, and Quality Social have a level of design quality that looks expensive but because they are built on the DineLogiK platform they were created for a fraction of the typical cost. Each of the restaurants has the ability to now update their events calendar on a weekly basis, change their menu items and highlight promotions on their homepage all on their own using the DineLogiK system. 

Social Media Management: A Better Approach

One of the most cutting-edge features of the DineLogiK platform is the integrated social media posting tools. With this feature a restaurant owner can blast out their promotion or message within seconds after editing their website, mobile site and sending an email. This allows them to keep a consistent message across all of their online channels and also cuts the amount of time spent to a fraction of what it would normally require. Plus, the owner or someone on their team has the ability to do all of this themselves without waiting for a developer to do it.

For instance, if a restaurant owner has a new menu item that just came out of course they want to promote it everywhere to get the buzz going. With the DineLogiK system the owner can do just that in a matter of minutes. He can login and in real time add the new menu item to the menus on the website and mobile. Then with only a couple clicks he can instantly post it out to Facebook and Twitter, with all of the needed information pre-populated for consistency and ease of use.

The DineLogiK system allows owners to get more involved in their social media presence by making it super easy to edit and post, in a simplified workflow. This is so much easier than the traditional method of having to login to Facebook and Twitter separately. All of the restaurant owner’s account information is stored safely within the DineLogiK system so there is no need to login twice.

Enterprise Level Email Marketing System

The DineLogiK online marketing platform has much more than just a website builder and content management system. One of the most unique selling points of the platform is the integrated enterprise level email marketing system. Essentially, this is a built in proprietary email marketing system that allows restaurant owners to build and send emails without logging into a completely separate system.

The DineLogiK email marketing system comes with a completely custom branded newsletter template that matches the custom design of the restaurant’s website and mobile website. This is something that no other email system can offer as most times restaurant owners are stuck with having to use a generic looking template.

The DineLogiK email system also has three other very compelling advantages over the standard email systems. First, it is much easier to build an email with DineLogiK’s point and click editing abilities you can add and delete sections with just a couple clicks. Second, the DineLogiK system allows restaurant owners to send emails much faster than a typical system. Other competitors require at least four pages of settings before you can actually send the email blast or newsletter. With DineLogiK a restaurant owner can send it in less than 20 seconds. Finally, with the DineLogiK system a restaurant owner will get far more SEO benefit from sending newsletters because all of the newsletters sent are located on the restaurant’s website domain. With other competitors the restaurant owner will not get any SEO benefit.

Restaurant Website Design: On Steroids

DinelogiK has created a way for busy restaurant owners to manage their online presence without sacrificing quality. The DineLogiK online marketing platform saves restaurant owners time, money and at the same time increases customers by offering integrated marketing tools.

We believe in creating restaurant websites that are beautiful, high-quality and functional. But not only that, we believe in creating them at an affordable price for everyone to enjoy. We created DineLogiK to allow restaurants to maintain their image with a high-quality design but also give them the backend controls to update and edit everything on their own without code.

DineLogik has created numerous blueprints that encompass all of the layouts and features that a restaurant could ever ask for. Within these blueprints, the DineLogiK design team is able to create fully custom designed websites that match any restaurant’s unique, particular branding. No two websites every look the same.

All of this comes at a fraction of the typical price and with backend tools that give our clients complete control over their website. Say goodbye to being dependent on a web developer to change your hours, change an image on the homepage or add a menu item. With the DineLogiK system you can do it in less than two minutes without the stress.